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Healthy benefit of avocado

 The healthy benefits after avocado 🥑includes                                                                                   
1.         Avocado keeps heart healthy it is rich monounsaturated fat that helps in reducing bad cholesterol.                                       2. Avocado  lower blood pressure.                          It is loaded with potassium  which makes it good for people with high blood pressure                                              3. Avocado aids weight loss.                                     It is low calories, low in carbs and full  of fiber. These are the attributes of Avocado which helps you lose weight                                                                                                 4.avocado improves digestion.                           It is high B vitamins ,the B complex vitamins  are very important for cellular metabolism and digestion                  5.avocado is rich in protein                               it is one of the high protein fruits  which helps in the building bones muscles cartilage skin and blood  and etc          

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